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    ESC 18 is dedicated to providing quality information, education, and resources to parents, professionals, community, and school personnel involved in the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    General information about Autism Spectrum Disorder, technical assistance, and consultation regarding specific issues are available to parents, individual school districts and/ or campuses upon request. Requests may be made to Rebecca Bilyeu by telephone, 432 567 3239,  or email rbilyeu@esc18.net.   

    Professional development opportunities are presented in a variety of formats including workshops, professional presentations, make and take work sessions, online training, and conference information. ESC 18 encourages parent participation in all our trainings and workshop fees are waived for parents of students with disabilities.  

    A small Autism Resource library is also available at the Service Center.  For available library resources, contact Kathy Bechtel @ (432) 563-2380.
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    Upcoming Workshops: 
    Annual Autism Art, Literacy & Music Exhibit 2018
    Theme:  IMAGINE
    Autism Art
    To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, Region 18 ESC is asking students to submit their artwork, videos, literacy pieces or music for public viewing.  
    We will showcase the exhibits of students within Region 18 who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as entries from students' friends and family.  Student artwork, literacy or other genre is a great way to express who they are or how they see themselves and/or society.  
    Please promote this artistic opportunity and bring your artwork to Region 18 ESC BEFORE MARCH 23, 2018.  Exhibits will be available for viewing at the Region 18 ESC Conference Center.  We are offering a new venue this year by photocopying original submissions, and displaying the creations in carefully selected local public sites to promote autism awareness.  
    Medium:  All mediums are accepted, but must be transportable.
    Entry Form:  Firmly attach on the back of each work.
    Permission Form:  Parental permission form must accompany each entry.
     Delivery/Return of Entries:  Deliver to Becky Bilyeu at Region 18 ESC or call Becky 432.567.3239 or 432.556.1401 to arrange for pick up.
    Annual Autism Art & Literacy Exhibits for 2017
    Becky Bilyeu
    Questions?  Rebecca Bilyeu,  
    Autism/ LID Specialist & Educational Consultant