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         • Staffing Solutions  
    In a staffing bind?  Region 18 has partnered with Proximity Learning to help provide administrators with an HR back up plan in preparation for short and long term teacher vacancies until they can be filled.  By using your technology labs, smart boards, or any internet connected device, students will receive instruction from live, highly qualified and state-certified teachers streamed straight into a classroom.  Courses include the same type of grading, parent teacher interaction, IEP management, and accountability as traditional teachers. Proximity Learning works with each school individually to fully align with their bell schedule, parent teacher conference night, grading expectations, and curriculum adoption. 
        • Special Education 
    This online special education program was created to become an extension of your current education  department.  Qualified teachers will build and manage IEP’s, plan with your core  teachers and instruct your resource room.
        • Tutoring  
    Live online tutors streamed directly to your students laptop or mobile device.  Schedule tutoring sessions available at students convenience with 30 min and 1 hour lengths, outside of staff hours. Tutors available before, during, or after school.
        • Teacher Mentoring 
    With our online Mentoring Program, we will match one of our master teachers with your mentee. Once a week our mentor will join in on a live class, to observe the mentee while he or she is teaching. Our  mentor will then schedule after hours to co-plan, discuss strategy, and create goals with mentee.  Mentors participate in parent teacher conference nights for support, as well as, meet with the building  principal, quarterly, to discuss progress and goals. Our mentors work with your teacher weekly,  throughout the school year, to ensure progress and goals are met.
    For more info: Virtual Staffing Brochure or District Solutions with Proximity Learning Video.
    For questions or to learn how to start using Proximity Learning's services in your district:
    Casey Ritchie  |  critchie@esc18.net  | (432) 567-3250
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