House Bill 5 Information
 House Bill 5 Information HB 5 Summit Session (Samples)

Text of HB 5 (PDF) 

HB5 Primer ESC18 (PDF)

Community/Student Engagement
Other Information

HB 5 Handout.- Forum 9.4.13 (PDF)     

Accountability Presentation - Linda Jolly (PowerPoint)
Accountability Presentation - Linda Jolly (PDF)

  4 Year Plan STEM (D) Engineering

  4 Year Plan STEM (F) Technology
  4 Yr Plan Arts & Humanities (D) Political Science
  4 Yr Plan Arts & Humanities (F) Art2
  4 Yr Plan Arts & Humanities - 
  Public Services(F) English2
  4 Yr Plan Business & Industry (F) Welding
  Course Requirements for Endorsements
  Graduation Plan Decision Making
  Personal Graduation Plan Overview
  HB5 Graduation (Wink-Loving) Main One


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